Karen Rogers vs. Elle Dumon

The reporters tournament continues with ring announcer Karen Rogers taking on Elle Dumon.

Both women are in the back getting ready for the big fight.

Elle enters first, wearing a gold bra and panty set.

Karen enters next wearing an ice blue satin bra and panty set.

Karen looks extremely nervous, the last time she saw Elle Dumon, Karen was embarrassed in the locker room.

Both women receive their final instructions, the bell rings, and Elle charges Karen and knocks her to the mat with a vicious clothesline.

“Stick to ring announcing, Karen.” Elle says, picking Karen back up by the hair, she embarrasses Karen further by breaking the straps on her bra and exposing her breasts, Karen tries to cover up, but, Elle punches her in the face, knocking her back to the mat.

Elle gets on top of Karen and just begins punching her hard in the breasts, making Karen scream out in pain.

Elle then begins choking Karen, bouncing her head off the mat, Karen begins coughing and gasping for air.

Elle again pulls Karen to her feet by the hair, and now she begins slapping Karen’s breasts, pinching and twisting her nipples, making Karen cry out in pain, Karen then crumbles to the mat, crying.

“Don’t cry, Karen…it’ll be ok, baby…” Elle says, brushing Karen’s hair out of her eyes.

“Time to knock you out.” Elle whispers to Karen, picking her up again, Elle scores with a perfectly executed Viper Strike, but, Karen kicks out just before the three count.

Frustrated, Elle goes for a Viper Lock, but this time, Karen gets to the bottom rope.

Karen’s friend Alicia Vitarelli runs down to ring side.

Instantly, Elle is distracted, while Elle is distracted, Alicia slips Karen a pair of brass knuckles.

Karen picks them up and puts them on her right hand, she waits for Elle to turn around and when she does, Karen punches her as hard as she can in the jaw, knocking Elle out cold.

Karen quickly goes for the cover and the referee counts to three.

Karen Rogers is declared the winner, Alicia quickly gets Karen out of the ring and they celebrate all the way to the back.