Karen Schiavi vs. Brandi Passante

Now, a new girl makes her debut, as veteran Karen Schiavi takes on newcomer Brandi Passante.

Brandi Passante enters first, wearing a black with pink polka dots bra and panty set.

Karen enters next, wearing a black satin bra and matching panties.

Both women shake hands as the referee gives final instructions, as this is going on, Karen shoves the referee out of the way and kicks Brandi as hard as she can right in the cunt, causing Brandi to drop to her knees and start crying.

“Don’t cry, you blonde cunt.” Karen says, pulling Brandi back to her feet by the hair.

“Get off of my hair, bitch.” Brandi yells, shoving Karen, Karen retaliates by punching Brandi hard in the face, knocking her down to the mat.

“You fucking bitch!” Brandi yells, charging at Karen and tackling her to the mat, Brandi begins choking Karen and bouncing her head off the mat.

Without much effort, Karen shoves Brandi off of her, quickly Karen gets back to her feet and shoves Brandi into the corner and just viciously begins pounding on her stomach, Brandi eventually crumbles to the mat, coughing and crying.

“Crying again, blondie? This isn’t like a storage auction, is it?” Karen says, slapping Brandi across the face.

Karen picks Brandi up by the hair, and gives her a vicious body slam, slamming her right in the middle of the ring.

Karen then bounces off the ropes, and drops an elbow, hitting Brandi right on her breasts.

Brandi rolls around on the mat, writhing in my pain.

“Aw! Did that hurt? I bet you didn’t expect to get your ass kicked today, did you, blondie?” Karen says, laughing at Brandi.

Brandi actually manages to roll out of the ring, but once outside, she begins crying again.

Karen also goes outside the ring and grabs a steel chair, and she just blasts Brandi right in the back with the chair, knocking her down on the floor.

“What is wrong with you? Why are you so violent?” Brandi cries out, the tears really flowing now.

Brandi rolls onto her stomach, and Karen begins beating Brandi across the back with the steel chair, actually denting the steel chair, she finally pulls Brandi back to her feet, and first rams the edge of the chair into Brandi’s stomach, then she swings and connects full the Brandi’s forehead, busting her wide open.

Karen picks up Brandi’s limp, lifeless body and rolls her back in the ring.

Karen places her foot on Brandi’s chest and the referee counts to three.

Karen Schiavi is declared the winner.

EMT’s rush the ring to check on Brandi.