The Violation Of Stephanie Ch. 01

The Violation Of Stephanie Ch. 01

Stephanie is finishing up her grocery shopping for the big Thanksgiving holiday, and she’s getting help putting her groceries in her car.

Stephanie is dressed to impress with a short black skirt, which zips in the back and comes 3 inches above her knee, white sleeveless tank top and a white satin blouse, unbuttoned on top with a grey satin bra, matching panties and nude colored pantyhose a cross necklace and silver earrings, when she bends forward she shows off her tits, and she has thick black rimmed glasses with rectangular lenses.

Stephanie is just pulling up to a red light, when a car comes up behind her and taps her bumper, hard, causing Stephanie to jerk forward.

Stephanie puts her car in park and gets out to survey the damage.

“Oh my! Are you ok?” She says, once she notices her bumper is crumpled, as she turns to speak with the man who just hit her, she’s hit with about 200 volts of electricity from his taser. Stephanie crumbles to the ground, convulsing, the man picks her up in his arms and puts her in the trunk of his car, once he realizes that no one else is around, he drives away.

He drives to a run down hotel, he pops the trunk, and sends another 200 volts through Stephanie’s body, causing her to piss herself.

He carries her inside the room, and tosses her on to the bed, with all the roaches and bugs, Stephanie lets out a huge scream, and begins knocking the insects off of her.

The man then gets on top of Stephanie, and removes her unbuttoned blouse and tears her tank top open, exposing her grey satin bra, her begins fondling her breasts through her bra, before eventually breaking the straps on her bra, exposing her b-cup breasts.

“NO! NO!…NO…PLEASE…NO!” Stephanie cries out.

The man pays her no mind, and just slaps her across the face with the back of his hand.

“YOU BASTARD!” She yells out.

“I’m the bastard that’s going to fuck you, you whore.” He whispers in her ear. “I’m going to fuck all three of your slutty holes, and make you clean me off after each one. Especially when I fuck your shit hole.” He says, unbuttoning his pants, letting his 12 inch cock pop free.

“NO…You can’t…I’ll give you anything…please…don’t rape me.” She says, crying.

“Cry all you want, nothing is going to stop my cock from penetrating your holes. I’ll take pride in tearing your cunt walls, and your asshole open, you’ll be walking funny the rest of your life, bitch.” He says, again slapping her.

He steps the humiliation up by tearing her grey satin panties off of her, exposing her neatly trimmed brown bush. Stephanie immediately tries to cover herself up.

The man again slaps Stephanie hard, making her head violently snap to the side.

“STOP HITTING ME!” She cries out.

He steps the violence up and punches her hard in the stomach, making Stephanie cough and gasp for air.

“I’ll hit you whenever I feel like it, bitch, am I clear?” He says, balling up his fist again.

“Yes…yes, Sir, you’re clear.” She says, crying harder than ever.

Her grabs her ankles and spreads her legs farther than they’ve ever been spread, making her yelp in pain.

He starts spanking the head of his cock right on her clit.

“OW! Stop! You’re hurting me!” Stephanie cries out.

“If I want to hurt you…I will, am I clear?” He growls at her.

“Yes…yes, Sir…you’re clear…” Stephanie says, through her tears.

With no warning, he rams his thick, hard cock into her dry pussy, tearing her open instantly.

“OOOOOWWWW!!!!!” She screams out.

“I tore your cunt open, bitch!” He grunts as he starts to slam his cock in and out of her.

She just lays there, flipping him the finger.

The man continues to fuck Stephanie fast and hard, tearing her pussy open more and more with each thrust.

“You’re going to make me cum, you dirty whore!” He starts grunting.

“No! You can’t cum, not inside me. I’m not on birth control, please, pull out!” Stephanie cries out.

“Fuck you, whore, I’m going to cum deep inside you.”

Just then, he grunts, shooting his load deep inside Stephanie. Slowly he begins pulling out, a mixture of blood and cum on his cock.

“You’re the best fuck I’ve had in years, bitch! Roll onto your stomach, I want that shit hole now!” He says, slapping Stephanie’s tits.

“No! You’ve done enough, I’m not letting you take my ass too, you monster!” She yells, spitting at the man.

He balls up his fist and punches her hard in the face, knocking her out.

When Stephanie comes to a few minutes later, she’s on all fours, and the man is behind her, preparing to lick her asshole.

“N-no…please…anything…but…this…” She groggily says, as he begins licking around the rim of her asshole.

After a minute of licking, he shoves two fingers inside her ass, making her scream out in pain.

“What’s the matter, don’t you like anal?” He says, laughing at her.

“NO! I don’t like anal…you monster!” She yells, now fully back to her senses, she now tries kicking at him.

He retaliates by again balling his fist and punching her hard in the cunt, she screams and tries to curl into a ball and crying.

“I HATE YOU!!” She screams through her tears.

He reaches up and grabs a handful of her long brown hair and yanks her head back.

“Ready to have my cock in your ass, whore?”

“NO…please…Not my ass…OOOOOWWWWW!!!” She screams as without warning he rams his thick, hard cock into her tight, virgin hole.

Tears start rolling down her cheeks as the pain is becoming unbearable, eventually she passes out from the pain, when she comes to 5 minutes later, he’s still ramming his cock in and out of her ass.

“Yeah, you little bitch, your ass is so tight, I’m going to cum right in your shit hole, bitch.” He grunts, as he tries to hold back from cumming.

“PLEASE!!! DON’T…CUM…IN…MY…ASS…PLEASE!!!” She cries out, her body begins to betray her again, she finds she’s actually enjoying this.

He starts fucking her ass, fast and hard, his balls bouncing off her stomach, to intensify the humiliation, he begins slowly rubbing her clit, which is already swollen.

“No…don’t…do…that…God…that…feels…incredible…” She moans out, unable to control herself.

After a few more minutes of pounding in her ass, he can’t hold it any longer and he’s ready to cum.

“I’m going to cum…UNHHHH!” He says as his cock jerks deep in her ass, shooting his load inside her.

“NO! Oh God…No…No…No…” Stephanie cries out as she feels him cum inside her.

He slowly pulls his cock out, making the pain and humiliation last as long as possible.

“Ready to clean my cock off, bitch?” He says, flipping Stephanie onto her back, and now bringing his cock close to her mouth.

She closes her mouth and shakes her head no.

“Ok, you refuse to open your mouth, I’ll do this.” He says, pinching her nose shut, leaving her no choice but to open her mouth, and when she does, he slams his dirty cock in her mouth. Stephanie instantly gags and almost vomits after being forced to taste her own ass.

He holds the back of her head and begins roughly fucking her face.

“You like this, bitch?” He asks, again all she can do is flip him the finger.

“I’m going to cum on your face, you bitch.” He grunts out.

Fear instantly fills Stephanie, she hates having cum shot on her, the last time she broke out in a nasty rash. She automatically begins shaking her head no, hoping he won’t cum on her face.

He violently begins slapping her face, bruising her cheeks, she has no choice but to take it as he firmly holds her head with one hand and slaps her with the other, all while she’s bringing him closer to cumming again.

When he knows he’s close he pulls his cock out and orders her to stroke him, he holds her head in place just as the first pulse of cum goes right in her left eye, he positions his cock so some even goes in her right eye.

Once he’s done cumming, he releases her head, and she collapses back on the bed, and begins crying loudly.

He grabs her hair one more time and wipes his cock off in her hair, and begins getting dressed.

“Clean yourself up, I’m dropping you off.” He says, slapping her ass.

She picks up the remains of her torn clothes, and she wipes the cum off her face, just as she feared, she has a rash all over her face from where he shot his cum, and her eyes are burning.

She gets back in the car, and he dumps her at a truck stop, with her torn clothes, she’s barely covered, but she walks to the lobby and calls for help.

Her rapist is never caught.