Classic PPV Review: Money In The Bank 2011

This event believe it of not was a lot of fun to watch, I loved that at the time they had two MITB Ladder matches one for Raw and one for Smackdown, of course to do that now would result in 4 ladder matches now including the Women’s titles as well…

But this card was entertaining, Daniel Bryan winning the Smackdown ladder match was awesome, but, honestly, I don’t see why WWE put a big push behind Alberto Del Rio, he wasn’t even that great in 2011 and time hasn’t been kind to Del Rio.

The women’s match between Kelly Kelly and Brie Bella was ok, Kelly actually looked better on this card in the ring then she ever had.

The World Heavyweight Championship match was awesome, although I’m not a big fan of someone winning the title by DQ, but oh well…

Next up, John Cena vs. hometown hero CM Punk for the WWE Championship.

Simply put, one of the greatest title matches I’ll probably ever see. The storyline that Punk was leaving the WWE at midnight made the match even better.

I’ll give this show 5 out of 5 stars.

Next event review coming up next Saturday

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