The Involuntary Commitment Of Amanda Ch. 02

Amanda wakes up in the morning of her first full day in the psych ward of her local hospital.

She finds herself still restrained to the gurney, and completely naked.

“How did I get myself into this situation?” Amanda thinks to herself.

With that the door to her room opens, and Jenny the nurse and the same guard who raped her enters the room.

“Good morning, Manda!” Jenny says.

“DON’T…CALL…ME…MANDA!” She says, gritting her teeth.

“Why don’t you like being called Manda?”

“I think it makes me sound like a stripper or a whore, I’m neither.” She says, still clearly upset.

“Well, I like calling you that, so, get used to it. Because face it, bitch, your ass is mine for the next 5 days, if you think we had fun with you last night, imagine what today will bring.” Jenny says, laughing.

Amanda gets a look of total fear on her face.

“Please…please don’t hurt me again, I’ll do anything, just please don’t hurt me!” Amanda says, crying.

“You hear that? She’ll do anything, let’s test that statement!” Jenny says, lifting Amanda’s gown, and rubbing her hand over Amanda’s pussy.

“No! Please…you raped me enough…not again!” Amanda says, sobbing loudly now.

“Relax, Manda, I’m not raping you, at least not yet, you’re going to service me, this afternoon s a long shift I’m on, and you’re going to help me relax!” Jenny says, lowering her scrub pants, showing off her aqua colored panties, which have a wet spot on them.

“NO! I’m not a lesbian! Please, don’t make me eat you!” Amanda screams, trying to kick against her restraints.

“Stop fighting you little bitch!” Jenny yells, punching Amanda in the stomach.

She cries out, coughing and gasping.

Jenny climbs up onto the gurney with Amanda.

“What are you doing? Get off of me! NO!” Amanda yells, just as Jenny is kissing her mouth, softly, gently.

“See, I can be gentle too, Manda. Isn’t it better when I’m gentle?” She says, leaning down and sucking on Amanda’s fully erect nipples.

“P-please…stop…please!” Amanda says, sobbing loudly. She can already feel moisture puddling up between her legs.

Jenny then lowers her panties, showing off her smooth, hairless pussy.

“You’re going to eat this beautiful pussy until you make me cream, Manda. Now be a good girl and stick out your tongue.” Jenny says, lowering herself on to Amanda’s face. Amanda has no choice but to stick out her tongue.

Jenny begins to grind her pussy against Amanda’s mouth, and surprisingly enough, Amanda begins moving her tongue over Jenny’s warm pussy lips.

“That’s it, you little bitch! Eat my pussy, eat Mamas pussy, you whore.” Jenny says, slapping Amanda’s face.

The guard reaches in his pants and takes his cock out and starts rubbing the head over Amanda’s pussy lips.

“I’m gonna fuck you too, you blonde tramp!” He says, ramming his hard cock inside Amanda. Amanda actually lets out an audible moan once he’s all the way inside her.

“Yeah, you love my cock, don’t you?” The guard says, as he starts slamming his cock in and out of her.

“Yeah, fuck the bitches pussy!” Jenny screams, as she continues to grind her pussy against Amanda’s mouth.

Amanda just lays there, moving her tongue and moaning.

“This feels so good. I’m not a lesbian, but I actually enjoy having this woman on my face.” She thinks to herself.

After a few minutes of licking, Jenny begins moaning, and moaning loudly.

“That’s it bitch, make me cum…make…me…cum! OH GOD!” She screams, as an orgasm overwhelms her.

She moves down and sits on Amanda’s chest and they begin kissing, deep, passionate kisses.

“I think I’m in love with you, Manda!” Jenny says, once they stop kissing.

The guard continues fucking her fast and hard, you can hear their thighs slapping together.

“You’re gonna make me cum, I’m gonna cum inside you, bitch.” He says.

“NO! Please don’t cum inside me! I’m not on birth control! NOOOOOO!!!!” She screams as she feels his cock jerk and shoot his load deep inside her.

She begins crying once he finishes up inside her and he slowly pulls out of her.

“Yeah, you’re a good fuck, you little whore.” He says, being sure to kiss her stomach.

“I’ll tell you what, Manda, I’ll eat your smelly pussy, just so you don’t feel left out.” Jenny says, moving between Amanda’s legs.

“NO! Please don’t eat my pussy.” Amanda screams out, tugging against her restraints.

“Fight all you want, sexy Manda, it’s not going to stop me. So go ahead, fight! It just makes the conquest worth it.” Jenny says, stroking Amanda’s face with one hand and rubbing Amanda’s clit with the other.

Amanda’s body begins betraying her again as she lets out a loud moan as her pussy starts getting wet from the stimulation.

Jenny finally leans in and gently runs her tongue over Amanda’s clit, making it fully erect.

“No…not my clit…please…no.” Amanda cries out, crying.

Jenny then grabs Amanda’s clit and roughly twists it.

“OOOOWWWWWW!!! WHAT THE FUCK?” Amanda screams out.

“Did that hurt, Manda? You want me to suck on it, make it feel better?” Jenny says, leaning in and softly sucking on Amanda’s clit, which is now completely swollen and erect.

Before long, Amanda begins moaning, ans she’s surprised that her body is once again betraying her.

“Yeah, that’s it, moan, you little tramp.” The guard says, now stroking his cock over Amanda’s face.

Jenny begins wiggling her face into Amanda’s crotch, pushing her tongue further inside of Amanda.

“Please…no more…please…” Amanda says, the tears really flowing now.

“You should know by now, I’m not going to stop, bitch.” Jenny says, sliding two fingers inside Amanda, while continuing to suck on her clit.

Amanda starts moaning louder and louder and she starts thrashing her head from side to side, to heighten Amanda’s pleasure, the guard starts sucking on Amanda’s erect nipples.

“OH GOD! My nipples are so sensitive.” Amanda moans out.

The harder they suck, the louder she moans. Just to push Amanda over the edge, Jenny begins curling her fingers inside Amanda, making sure to rub her g-spot.

“OH MY GOD! I’M GONNA CUM! PLEASE…PLEASE…DON’T…MAKE…ME…CUM…OH GOD!!!!” She screams, as an intense orgasm overwhelms her.

Jenny pulls her fingers from inside Amanda, and brings them to Amanda’s mouth.

“Come on, Manda, taste yourself…come on, baby, open up.”

Reluctantly, Amanda opens her mouth, and Jenny shoves her fingers in, making Amanda taste her own juices. Amanda gags a little, but soon adjusts to the taste.

“Do you like how you taste, Manda?” Jenny asks, giggling a little.

“I don’t like it at all!” Amanda say, coughing a little.

“It’s ok, baby, you’ll get used to it.” Jenny says, moving up and softly kissing Amanda’s mouth.

“What are you doing to me?” Amanda asks, clearly scared.

“We’re trying to make you realize that there are other people in this world who can love you other than your husband, Manda.” Jenny says, trying to push her tongue inside Amanda’s belly button.

“That tickles…” Amanda says, giggling a little.

Jenny then begins licking circles around Amanda’s belly button making her really giggle.

“You’re really ticklish, aren’t you, Manda?” Jenny asks.

“Yeah…I…am…” She says, laughing uncontrollably.

Jenny continues to worship Amanda’s belly button.

“Is it starting to feel good, Manda?” Jenny asks.

“Yes…yes…Ma’am…it…feels…real…good…Ma’am.” She says, breathing heavy.

The guard climbs up on Amanda’s chest, and offers Amanda his cock, surprisingly, Amanda willingly opens her mouth, and he quickly slides his cock inside her warm, wet, mouth, her eyes well up with tears as the head of his cock touches the back of her throat. She gags a little, but quickly adjusts to having the cock in her mouth.

“That’s it, Manda, you’re going to have your cunt fingered, your belly worshiped, and your throat fucked. I’m jealous, Manda.” Jenny says, again pushing her tongue into Amanda’s sexy belly button all the while pumping her fingers in and out of Amanda’s pussy, curling them every so often to find her g-spot.

Jenny can tell Amanda is close to cumming again.

“That’s it, Manda, cum for me again, show me what a little whore you are, Manda.”

For some reason, hearing those words excites Amanda further, and her pussy gets real wet, she’s so wet in fact, the juices are just flowing out of her.

“Your pussy is sloppy wet, Manda.” Jenny says, sliding a third finger inside of Amanda.

The guard now begins moving his cock in and out of Amanda’s throat. Amanda is moaning and really seems to be enjoying herself.

“Manda? I’m going to put my whole fist inside you, you’re so wet, it’ll fit easily.” Jenny says, inserting her whole fist inside Amanda. Amanda moans loudly as Jenny’s wrist rubs against her clit.

Jenny begins moving her fist in and out of Amanda, all while leaning down and putting her tongue in Amanda’s belly button, making Amanda moan louder and louder.

The guard continues to fuck Amanda’s face, bouncing his balls off of her chin, meanwhile, Jenny stops playing with Amanda’s belly button, but now she takes her free hand and inserts the middle finger deep into Amanda’s brown, puckered shit hole. Amanda let’s out a muffled squeal.

“That’s it, bitch, you’re going love having your ass fingered.” Jenny says, kissing the inside of Amanda’s thighs.

Jenny slowly begins moving her hands in and out of Amanda, as the guard continues to fuck her mouth.

Meanwhile, Amanda just lays there, moaning.

“Oh, God, I’ve never been abused like this. But…it…feels…so…GOOD!” Amanda thinks to herself, as the abuse continues.

After a few more minutes of abuse, the guard is ready to cum.

“You want to swallow my load again, Amanda?” He asks.

Amanda shakes her head no, and instead points to her face, asking the guard to cum on her face.

He pulls his cock from her mouth and vigorously begins stroking.

“Yeah, I’m gonna cum on your face, whore…UNHHH!” He grunts as his cock jerks and he cums all over her face with the first pulse getting right in her eye.

Amanda is so close to cumming, Jenny starts moving her fist faster and faster.

“Cum for me, Manda, be a good girl and cum for me.” Jenny says, just as an orgasm overwhelms Amanda.

Jenny roughly pulls her fist out of Amanda, and makes her clean off her fingers.

“Get some sleep, Manda, I’ll be in soon with your meds.” Jenny says, kissing Amanda’s cheek and quickly her and the guard are gone.

Amanda cries herself to sleep.

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