The Blacklist & Pretty Little Liars 6/9/18

I’m back to my weekend marathon of these two shows, I watched 3 episodes of The Blacklist and I watched one episode of Pretty Little Liars.

I’m into season 2 of The Blacklist, and this show just keeps getting better and better, James Spader is a terrific actor.

As far as Pretty Little Liars goes, this show is a guilty pleasure for me, I’m absolutely in love with each of the 4 main characters, and even the characters played by Holly Marie Combs and Laura Leighton.

So, between these two shows, my weekends are pretty well booked up for a while. I need to watch two more episodes of PLL today, and hopefully watch a few more tomorrow.

For The Ramblings Report, I’m Steve…and I’m out.

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