Cali Danger vs. Destiny Dumon: Destiny Earns Her Freedom

Cali Danger has enjoyed quite the life since winning both the Women’s World Championship & the KOA World Championship. And now that her main rival, Destiny Dumon is her sexual servant, Cali is literally on top of the world.

Cali is having Destiny worship her feet, when suddenly Destiny stops.

“Do you ever think you’ll give me my freedom back, Miss Cali?” Destiny asks.

“You want your freedom back, bitch? You’ll have to earn it. Challenge me to a match, Destiny, I fucking dare you.”

“M-miss Cali, I challenge you to a match for my freedom.” Destiny says, slightly nervous.

“I accept, but, just to make it fair, it’ll be 2 out of 3 falls, it’ll make your humiliation greater, and if I win, which I will, I’ll own your ass forever, no more challenges, this is your last chance, Dumon.”

“Yes ma’am, I understand.” Destiny says, lowering her head.

Destiny then goes back to worshipping Cali’s beautiful feet, making sure to lick and suck each one of her perfectly painted toes.

The next day, the announcement is made, that Cali will face Destiny for the final time, and a special press conference is held.

Cali enters, bringing Destiny on a dog leash, and she’s on all fours.

Cali approaches the microphone, looking cocky as ever.

“All questions will be directed toward me, and if I think the question is appropriate, I’ll let my slave answer.

“Cali, a question for Destiny. Considering that Cali has bested you in every match so far, what makes you think you stand a chance tomorrow night?”

Cali slaps Destiny hard on the ass.

“You may answer.” She mouths to Destiny.

“I think I stand a chance, because, it’s two out of three falls, and those past matches don’t matter, I’m the superior fighter, and I’ll prove it tomorrow night.” She says, sneering at Cali.

Cali retaliates, but punching Destiny hard in the face, a brawl ensues, with Destiny attacking Cali. Both women are quickly separated.

Now both women are at opposite ends of the stage.

“Cali, next question is for you. You’ve absolutely dominated Destiny in your previous matches, are you confident going into tomorrow night?”

“Look at these titles, I kicked her ass to win both of these titles, so, yeah, I’m confident going into tomorrow night, why shouldn’t I be!” Cali says, pointing to both of her championships.

“Destiny, last question is yours. Do you believe you deserve to have your freedom back?”

“Don’t answer that, bitch!” Cali screams out.

Destiny quickly backs away from the microphone and lowers her head.

“Press conference is over, come on, Destiny, let’s go.” Cali says, snapping her fingers. Destiny has no choice but to follow.

The next night comes, and both women are in separate locker rooms. Cali who is accompanied by Madison Sex-Kitten is in her locker room, taping her fists up.

“You’re going to kick her ass, just like you did in the past, Cali.” Madison says.

Meanwhile, Destiny is in her locker room, she’s with her sisters, Faith & Elle.

“Don’t give up hope, Sis.” Elle says, helping Destiny tape up her fists.

It’s match time, and Destiny enters first, accompanied by her sisters, Faith & Elle, wearing a white bra and red shorts.

Cali enters next, accompanied by Madison Sex-Kitten, carrying both of her championship belts, and wearing a purple bra and matching panties.

Cali and Madison argue with Faith & Elle for a minute before entering the ring.

The bell rings and Destiny charges Cali, Cali dodges, and Destiny smashes head first into the turnbuckles causing Destiny to crumble to the mat, almost unconscious.

Cali picks Destiny up by the hair and shoves her back into the corner, and begins roughly slapping Destiny’s large breasts, and laughing at her.

“I love these tits, because I own these tits, Destiny, you’re NEVER earning your freedom, bitch, you hear me? NEVER!” Cali yells, just before delivering a vicious Cali bomb, knocking Destiny out cold.

Cali covers her and the referee counts to three, and the first fall goes to Cali Danger.

Elle pulls Destiny from the ring so she can have a moment to regroup.

Once Destiny regains her senses, she rolls back in the ring, and the referee calls for the bell to start the 2nd fall, Destiny must win this fall to keep any chance of her earning her freedom alive.

As soon as the bell rings, Cali is all over Destiny, right and lefts to Destiny’s stomach and face.

After a minute of this, Destiny finally puts her hands up to defend herself, Destiny swings, and connects with a stiff right, which makes Cali take a couple of steps back.

She then backs Cali into a corner and raises her foot up and begins choking Cali, making Cali cough and gasp for air.

Destiny backs off, which is just long enough for Cali to tackle her to the mat with a vicious spear, knocking the wind out of Destiny.

While Destiny is down on the mat, Cali begins choking her, bouncing her head off the mat, then she breaks the straps on Destiny’s bra, exposing her large, perfect breasts.

Cali leans down and begins sucking on Destiny’s nipples, which are fully erect. A soft moan leaves Destiny lips, as she just lays there.

“Do you surrender, Destiny? You better surrender, because you can never beat me.” Cali says, getting back to her feet, grabbing Destiny by the legs and stomping on her crotch. Destiny screams out, and begins kicking her feet like she’s a baby.

Cali picks her back up by the hair, and shoves her back into the corner, and begins ramming her shoulder into Destiny’s stomach, making sure to bruise her perfect abs,

Destiny crumbles to the mat, holding her stomach, and she’s coughing and crying.

Cali then drags Destiny back to the middle of the ring, and again grabs her by the legs, and applies a split leg stretch, placing her foot right in Destiny’s crotch, making her scream in extreme pain.

“Ask her, ref…ASK HER!” Cali yells, really grinding her foot into Destiny’s crotch.

“What do you say, Destiny?” The referee asks.

“NO! NO!” She yells, struggling to get to the bottom rope.

With that, Elle Dumon jumps up on the apron, and distracts Cali, just long enough for her to break the hold. Cali takes a swing at Elle, but she’s too quick and jumps back down to the floor.

“Keep that bitch off the apron!” Cali yells at the referee.

The referee goes to the ropes and admonishes both Elle & Faith. “Stay off the apron you two.” He yells.

Elle stands there and gives the referee the finger once he turns his back.

“Time to finish you off!” Cali whispers in Destiny’s ear.

She picks Destiny up by the hair, and gives her yet another Cali bomb, Destiny is out cold in the middle of the ring. Cali goes for the cover, but this time, both Dumon sisters are on the apron, breaking up the count.

The distraction is long enough for Destiny to roll Cali up and get the quick three count, the 2nd fall goes to Destiny Dumon.

This time, both ladies escape to the outside to collect their thoughts before the 3rd and final fall.

Destiny is talking with her sisters.

“Destiny, I have a lead pipe under the ring, when the time is right, I’ll pass it to you, have no worries, you’ll earn your freedom tonight.” Elle says, kissing Destiny on the cheek before the reenters the ring.

In the meantime, Cali is talking with Madison Sex-Kitten.

“Madi, you have to keep them off the apron, I mean, what did I bring you down her for, if you don’t have my back.” Cali yells at Madison.

“Don’t worry, Cali, I’ll make sure you win this match.” Madison says, giving Cali a hug before she reenters the ring.

With both women back in the ring, the referee calls for the bell, starting the 3rd and final fall.

Cali instantly charges at Destiny, spearing her hard, and driving Destiny back to the corner, making her head bounce off the turnbuckle.

Cali gets back to her feet and just begins stomping on Destiny as she’s seated in the corner.

Cali picks Destiny up by the hair and goes for a third Cali bomb, but, somehow, Destiny blocks it.

Instead, Cali decides to go with a vicious body slam, planting her in the middle of the ring.

Cali then bounces off the ropes and delivers a hard elbow to Destiny’s chest. Destiny screams out in pain.

“Just give up, Destiny! Face it, I own your ass, you’re going to be my property forever.” Cali yells, slaping Destiny hard across the face.

Cali again picks her up by the hair, and shoves her back into the corner. Now she completely removes Destiny’s bra, and now begins punching her tits, hard, making sure to bruise them, especially around her pink, puffy, nipples. Destiny just stands there and cries.

Somehow though, Destiny is able to shove Cali away, which only makes Cali come back with a vengeance.

Destiny is able to get out of the corner, only to once again be hit with a vicious spear, completely knocking the wind out of Destiny.

Cali goes for the cover, but Destiny is able to kick out, just before the referee counts to three.

Cali tries again for the Cali bomb, and again hits it, she goes for the cover, but, Elle places Destiny’s foot on the bottom rope. As she does that, she drops the lead pipe in the ring.

The referee, Cali & Madison go to protest with Elle, Madison actually goes and attacks both Dumon sisters on the outside.

As Cali and the referee have their backs turned, Destiny picks the lead pipe up and nails Cali in the back of the head with it, knocking her out cold.

Cali collapses in the ring, unconscious.

She goes for the cover, and she yells at the referee to count, the count seems to take forever, but, eventually he counts to three.

Destiny earns her freedom, winning the match 2 falls to 1.

Destiny begins celebrating in the ring, as Madison and now Cali begins brawling with Faith & Elle Dumon.

But, as Destiny celebrates, Salma Fuentes comes down to the ring, and is applauding Destiny, but, the applause is short lived, as Salma kicks Destiny as hard as she can in the crotch, making Destiny drop to her knees and crying.

“You may have earned your freedom from Cali, but now, I own your ass, lets see how perfect this body is!” She yells, shoving Destiny onto her back, and she puuls her arms away, exposing her sore and badly bruised breasts.

Then Salma reaches down and removes Destiny’s shorts and thong panties, exposing her smooth, hairless pussy.

Salma immediately begins rubbing her hand over Destiny’s mound.

Salma picks her up by the hair and stands her up in the ring, and delivers a stiff right to her jaw, knocking Destiny out cold.

She revives Destiny long enough to make Destiny kiss her feet.

Salma then places a dog leash around Destiny’s neck and parades her around the ring, and eventually up the entrance ramp and out of the arena.

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