Barbara Brickner vs. Crystal Renn

The BBW tournament continues, this time with Barbara Brickner taking on Crystal Renn.

Barbara Brickner enters first, wearing a teal colored sports bra & matching teal satin panties.

Crystal Renn enters next, wearing a black satin bra and, matching panties.

Both women talk trash to each other as the referee gives final instructions.

The bell rings, and both women lock up in the middle of the ring. Barbara gains the advantage by punching Crystal hard in the stomach, making her quickly drop to her knees.

Barbara picks her up by the hair and shoves her hard into the corner, and proceeds to kick her, hard in the crotch. Crystal crumbles to the mat, crying.

But, when Barbara moves in to pick her up, Crystal answers with stiff punches to Barbara’s stomach, making her double over.

Crystal gets back to her feet, and knocks Barbara off her feet with a stiff clothesline.

Crystal then climbs to the second turnbuckle and drops an elbow on Barbara. She goes for a cover and Barbara easily kicks out at one.

Crystal then tries to pick Barbara up by the hair, but, Barbara quickly drops her with a vicious uppercut low blow, causing Crystal to drop to her knees, holding her crotch.

“What’s the matter, Crystal? Never had your ass kicked before?” Barbara says, laughing at her.

She picks Crystal up by the hair and punches her hard in the face, knocking her back down to the mat, somehow Crystal gets back to her feet and punches Barbara hard in the stomach, almost breaking her ribs.

Barbara snatches Crystal by the hair, and prepares to give her a belly to belly suplex, and hits it perfectly, knocking the wind out of Crystal.

Barbara goes for the pin, but, Crystal kicks out before the count of 3. Barbara starts punching the mat in frustration.

Again, Barbara picks Crystal up by the hair, and lifts her in the hair for a vicious body slam, making Crystal scream out in pain.

Barbara bounces and tries to drop a leg across Crystal’s throat, but, Crystal moves at the last second and Barbara crashes to the mat.

It’s Crystal’s turn to again go for a pin, and again Barbara easily kicks out at one.

Barbara picks Crystal up by the throat and begins choking her, making Crystal cough and gasp for air. After a few seconds Barbara just drops her.

“Just give up, Crystal…you can’t beat me…give it up…” Barbara says, nudging Crystal with her foot.

Crystal uses Barbara’s legs to pull herself up, and Barbara knocks her back down with a stiff kick to the cunt, Crystal collapses to the mat, crying.

Barbara stands over Crystal and laughs at her.

“You have to be tougher than that, Crys!” She says, again judging Crystal with her foot.

Crystal wisely rolls out of the ring, but, Barbara follows her to the outside.

Barbara knocks Crystal to the floor with an extremely stiff clothesline. Barbara quickly picks her back up for a vicious body slam on the concrete floor. Crystal again screams out in pain and begins crying.

Barbara now rolls her back into the ring, she again goes for the pin, but, Crystal manages to kick out before the count of 3.

With each kick out, Barbara’s frustration level continues to rise.

Barbara climbs to the top rope and looks to to a top rope splash onto Crystal, but no sooner does she jump, Crystal rolls out of the way, sending Barbara crashing to the mat.

Crystal goes for a pin, but, again, she kicks out, this time at 2.

Now it’s Crystal’s turn to be frustrated.

Crystal now picks Barbara up by the hair, and tries for a body slam, but, Crystal hurts her back trying to pick Barbara up. Barbara answers back with a clubbing forearm shot to Crystal’s back.

Crystal crumbles to the mat, crying again.

Barbara now picks Crystal up in a bear hug and begins swinging her from side to side.

After a few seconds of this, Crystal passes out, the referee checks her arm and it drops 3 times.

Barbara Brickner is declared the winner.

Barbara makes sure to strip Crystal naked before leaving the ring.

Crystal comes to a few minutes later, and screams her head off once she realizes she’s naked.

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