The Violation Of Cindy & Stephanie Ch. 01

The Violation Of Cindy & Stephanie Ch. 01

Stephanie is on her way to pick up her friend, Cindy, and go to a teacher’s only gala at their high school.

Stephanie is dressed to impress, wearing a red dress, which comes 4-inches above her knee, a back hooking grey bra, and she’s being a little naughty as she’s not wearing panties, with nude colored pantyhose, the dress has a v-cut neckline which on Stephanie doesn’t show any cleavage, black sling back heels with a 2 ½ inch heel, and a cross necklace and silver earrings.

Stephanie pulls up to Cindy’s house, and is greeted by Cindy, who is an absolute knockout, wearing a black dress with a sash around her waist, she has on a black bra, which hooks in the front, matching panties, suntan colored pantyhose, her dress has a scoop neckline, which shows the perfect amount of cleavage. And nice black pumps with an ankle strap, and a nice 2 ¾ inch heel.

Cindy invites Stephanie in for a cup of coffee before they leave for the gala.

Both ladies are really chatting it up when a surprise knock comes to Cindy’s door.

Cindy goes to answer the door, but, no sooner does Cindy open the door, a gun is shoved into her stomach.

“You scream, I’ll shoot you and your friend, now, stand aside and let me in, bitch.” He whispers to Cindy, grabbing a handful of her long blonde hair.

Stephanie comes running in and the man slaps her with the back of his hand, knocking her to the floor. The man picks Stephanie up by the hair and uses handcuffs and cuffs her to the bannister of the stairs. He again focuses his attention on Cindy.

I one tug, the man rips Cindy’s dress, exposing her black satin bra and panties and her suntan colored pantyhose, Cindy tries to cover up, but, the man punches Cindy hard in the face, knocking her out.

The man then pours a glass of water onto Cindy’s head and revives her.

“CINDY! ARE YOU OK? PLEASE BE OK!” Stephanie yells out, still cuffed to the bannister.

The man then breaks the straps on Cindy’s bra, and exposes her c-cup breasts, with her big, pink, puffy nipples, again, Cindy tries to cover up, but, the man pulls her hands away.

“LEAVE HER ALONE, YOU MONSTER!” Again, Stephanie yells out, the man, tired of hearing Stephanie, he slaps her hard across the face with the back of his hand. Stephanie now has a welt forming under her eye, as does Cindy, as well as a huge bruise on her chin from where he punched her.

The man picks Cindy up over his shoulder, and brings her into the bedroom.

“HELP! SOMEBODY! HELP!” Cindy yells, as the man carries her down the hallway.

He roughly tosses her on the bed, and quickly gets on top of her, and again slaps her with the back of his hand, knocking her flat on her back.

The man finishes removing Cindy’s bra, and gently begins sucking on her puffy, pink nipples, making them grow in his mouth, Cindy’s body begins betraying her as a soft moan leaves her lips. She turns pink from embarrassment.

“You’re enjoying this, aren’t you, bitch?” He says, laughing, Cindy just lays there and cries.

To step up the humiliation, he reaches down and tears Cindy’s panties off of her, exposing her full blonde bush.

The man then lowers his pants, showing Cindy his large, 10+ inch cock, which is completely rock hard.

He wastes no time, and roughly rams himself into Cindy’s dry pussy, tearing her open instantly.

Cindy screams out in pain and quickly passes out, as blood oozes out of her pussy.

Once Cindy regains consciousness, he begins fucking her pussy, fast and hard, you can literally hear their thighs slap together. He continues slapping Cindy as he fucks her.


He stops slapping Cindy across the face, and instead begins punching her hard in the breasts, making her couch and gasp for air as her breasts are badly bruised.

He continues fucking her fast and hard, making her pussy bleed more and more, blood is actually leaking onto her bed sheets.

“P-please stop, I’m bleeding, I need to go to the hospital, please, I’m begging you…STOP!” Cindy yells out.

The man leans down, next to her ear.

“Scream and beg all you want, whore. I’m not stopping, your slutty cunt will heal. You and your friend are getting fucked tonight, whether you like it or not.” He whispers in her ear.

Cindy just covers her face and begins sobbing loudly.

He continues fucking Cindy fast and hard, he reaches out and roughly twists her clit, making Cindy scream out in extreme pain.

“You’re going to make me cum, you bitch!” He grunts out.

“NO! Don’t cum inside me…please….don’t get me pregnant. Cum on my stomach, please…” She cries out.

With that, the man grunts, as he shoots his load deep inside of Cindy.

“NOOOOOOOOO!!!!” She screams as she realizes he’s cumming inside her.

She lays there, crying, as he slowly pulls out of her, and flips her onto her stomach.

“No…you’ve…done…enough…no…more…please.” She says, through her tears.

“I still have two more holes to abuse, not to mention, all three of your friends holes, I’m going to have fun tonight.” He says, slapping Cindy’s ass as he spreads her legs wide, exposing her asshole.

He raises her up on all fours and begins licking around her asshole.

After a few minutes of licking, he shoves two fingers deep into her ass, again making Cindy scream out in pain.

After a minute, he pulls his fingers out and shoves them into Cindy’s mouth, making her clean them off, she instantly begins gagging.

“That was disgusting.” She cries out, coughing.

Suddenly and without warning, he rams his thick, hard cock into her virgin asshole, Cindy screams out loudly and passes out from the pain.

He slaps Cindy’s face until she regains consciousness.

He quickly begins ramming his cock in and out of her ass, he looks down and again sees blood on the shaft of his cock, and, he knows he’s once again torn Cindy open.

“I tore your asshole open, you blonde whore.” He whispers in Cindy’s ear.

Cindy begins crying again. “YOU’RE A MONSTER!” She screams out.

From out in the hallway, you can still hear Stephanie screaming out.

He begins fucking Cindy so roughly, you can hear his stomach slapping against her ass cheeks.

“Do you want me to cum in your dirty shit hole, whore?”

“NO! I don’t want you to cum anywhere, you’ve done enough damage, you…you monster!”

Again, without warning, he lets out a loud grunt and he shoots his load deep into her ass, Cindy screams and begins sobbing loudly again.

Once he finishes cumming, he slowly pulls out of her ass, making the pain last as long as possible.

He grabs Cindy by the hips, and flips her onto her back, and he climbs up onto her chest, and begins wiping the head of his dirty cock across Cindy’s closed mouth.

“My cock is dirty, open that pretty mouth of yours and clean it off for me.” He says, finally pinching her nose shut, leaving her no choice but to open her mouth. He quickly slides his cock in, all the way to the back of her throat. She gags instantly, but, she eventually shuts her mouth and he begins fucking her mouth.

“That’s it, bitch, I love how wet your mouth is.” He says, slapping her as he fucks her mouth.

You can hear his balls bouncing off her chin.

The man’s cock is so thick and long, Cindy’s eyes begin to well up with tears each time the head of his cock touches the back of her throat.

“Aw! Are you crying, whore? Your abuse is almost over, your friends is about to begin though.”

This makes Cindy start crying again, though.

Before much longer, he can tell he’s again close to cumming.

“You ready to swallow my load?”

She begins shaking her head no, as his cock jerks, shooting his load down her throat, he again pinches her nose shut, leaving her no choice but to swallow his disgusting load.

Once he finishes, he lets Cindy get dressed, then he punches her hard in the back of the head, knocking her out instantly.

He puts Cindy over his shoulder and carries her back to the hallway, he takes out a second pair of handcuffs, and, cuffs Cindy to the bannister.

He uncuffs Stephanie, and now puts Stephanie over his shoulder and now carries her down the hallway in to the bedroom.

“PUT ME DOWN! YOU’VE DONE ENOUGH!” Stephanie screams, as he throws her down hard on the bed.

She tries to fight back, but, he takes the butt of his gun, and viciously begins pistol whipping her, closing her left eye, and causing her mouth to be bloody.

“Unless you want an even worse beating, I suggest you get undressed.” He says, pointing his gun straight at her heart.

Reluctantly, she lifts her red dress over her head, showing off her grey bra, but, she now realizes she’s not wearing panties, she tries to cover up, but, with the gun trained on her, she quickly moves her hands. Exposing her neatly trimmed, brown hair covered pussy.

She unclasps her bra, and lets her b-cup breasts pop free, all that’s left is her pantyhose, and she just decides to tear them off.

He walks up to Stephanie, and gently cups her firm breasts, and then, without warning, punches her hard in the stomach, making her double over, and start crying.

“That’s for running your mouth so much earlier.” He says, looking at her in anger.

He grabs a handful of Stephanie’s brown hair, and pulls her close and forces her to kiss him, she struggles to break the kiss, she finally does by biting his bottom lip. This causes him to slap her hard with the back of his hand, knocking her back down to the bed.

“Boy, what a big man, you can beat up two women after threatening them with a gun.” She says, almost laughing at him.

He again hits her with the gun, opening a gash over her eye, and knocking her out cold.

When she comes to a few minutes later, she finds her wrists are tied to the post of the bed, and her ankles are raised over her head, and are tied to her wrists, which like I said, are tied to the bed.

“Wh-what do you think you’re doing? You’ve done enough to us…LET US GO!” Stephanie yells out.

The man then begins stroking his cock, getting it rock hard again, he rubs his hand over Stephanie’s pussy, with is bone dry.

Without hesitation, he rams himself into her exposed pussy, tearing her vaginal walls in the process, she immediately begins bleeding.

She begins screaming, the pain is unbearable, eventually she passes out.

From the other room, Cindy has regained consciousness, and you can hear her screaming.

He starts fucking Stephanie, slowly at first, he leans down and begins sucking on her nipples, which for some reason are fully erect.

“I think I’m in love…” He whispers in her ear.

“No! You’re not…please stop!” Stephanie cries out, as she realizes her body is betraying her, and she’s getting really turned on right now.

His cock starts sliding in and out of her easily with the lubrication provided by her pussy.

“That’s it, bitch, you’re getting turned on, aren’t you?” He says, laughing at Stephanie.

Stephanie just hauls off and slaps him hard across the face, causing him to retaliate by punching her hard in the face again, almost knocking her out again.

Stephanie is woozy for a few minutes as he now starting fucking her fast and hard, you can hear his thighs slapping against her ass.

“You’re going to make me cum, you filthy whore, you ready to make me cum?” He grunts out.

“No…please…don’t cum inside me…I’m not on anything…please…NOOOOOOOO!” She screams as he cums inside her.

“You monster…are you happy?” She screams out, as he slowly begins pulling out of her pussy.

After he pulls out, he kneels down and begins licking around the rim of her asshole.

“No…please…you’ve done enough…please…stop.” Stephanie says, crying loudly.

After he’s done licking, he shoves two fingers deep in her asshole.

“Ow! What the fuck are you doing? That hurt!” She screams.

He finger fucks her asshole for a few minutes, suddenly he pulls his fingers out and shoves them into Stephanie’s mouth, making her taste her own ass.

As soon as he pulls his fingers from her mouth, she damn near vomits.


With that, the man starts spanking Stephanie right on her asshole, making her cry out in pain.

He now starts placing the head of his cock right on the rim of her asshole, and pushes just the head inside her asshole.


Eventually he does just ram his cock deep inside her asshole, tearing her open in the process.

He looks down and notices the blood on the shaft of his cock.

“You bleed just like your friend, whore.” He says, laughing at Stephanie.

Clearly upset, Stephanie looks like she’s about to cry.

Slowly he begins thrusting his cock in and out of her ass, trying to make the pain unbearable.

“Oh God this hurts!” She again screams out.

“Yeah…tell me how much it hurts…TELL ME!” He screams into her ear.

“Fuck you! You…you monster! NOOOOO!!” She screams as his cock erupts deep in her ass.

Once he’s done, he slowly pulls out, again trying to make the pain last as long as possible.

He thinks about wiping his cock off in her hair, but, he wants to humiliate her one more time.

He uncuffs her ankles from her wrists, and now decides to cuff them to the posts of the bed, so now she’s lying flat on the bed.

Now he comes up and sits on her chest, and begins wiping the head of his dirty cock over her lips, making her taste her ass for the second time.

“Stop…tha-…mmm-mmm…” She tries screaming, but he rams his cock all the way to the back of her throat and now her screams are muffled.

She begins gagging and seems on the verge of vomiting over the taste and smell of his dirty cock.

The head of his cock keeps touching the back of her throat, making her gag more.

“That’s it, bitch, gag on my cock.” He said, bouncing his balls off of her chin.

He turns to the side, and roughly twists her breasts, making her grunt in pain.

“Aw, did I just make your tits hurt?”

She tries to say something, but, it’s muffled by the hard cock in her mouth.

After a few minutes of this, he’s close to cumming.

“I’m going to cum in your mouth…unhhh!” He grunts, as his cock jerks, and he shoots his load down her throat.

He quickly pulls out of her mouth, and wipes the rest of the cum off in Stephanie’s hair.

She just lays there, crying.

He begins getting dressed, and is about to leave.

“Wait…aren’t you going to uncuff us? You can’t leave us here like this?” Stephanie asks.

“You two bitches can figure your own way out…bye, bitches!” He says, grabbing his stuff, along with their clothes, and quickly leaves.

Eventually, Cindy & Stephanie do escape. But, their rapist is never caught.

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