SoCal Val vs. Brooke Fairchild

SoCal Val comes walking to the ring, wearing her customary white bra and plaid school girl skirt, and she’s followed by Alexa Lockhart, Tina Lockhart and Teen Summer, all three are completely naked. Once in the ring, Val grabs a microphone. “Next in my list is you, Brooke Fairchild, get out here now…and I mean … Continue reading SoCal Val vs. Brooke Fairchild

Club Pogo 4/19/18 Part 2

I tried, unsuccessfully to finish my Mahjong Garden badges, things just got out of hand here at the library, and now, I'm back here again to update again...what can I say, I love the library. My goals to get the badges are, finish 15 animals in Winter season, I'm 8/15, finish 10 animals in Summer … Continue reading Club Pogo 4/19/18 Part 2

Club Pogo Games: 4/19/18

For the first time in about 8 months, I'm finally able to sit down and play some Pogo, I've been playing a ton of Mahjong, both Mahjong Safari and Mahjong Garden, I also played some Tri-Peaks Solitaire, which was a ton of fun, and for the first time since September, I won some badges, so, … Continue reading Club Pogo Games: 4/19/18

Cali Danger vs. Destiny Dumon: Tournament Final

The stage is set for an epic showdown, as the KOA universe is anxiously awaiting this highly anticipated tournament final between Cali Danger and Destiny Dumon who, according to her peers, is the overwhelming favorite in this match. Ok, the stage is set, let’s take it down to ring announcer Karen Rogers. “Good evening ladies … Continue reading Cali Danger vs. Destiny Dumon: Tournament Final

Brooke Fairchild vs. Blueyed Cass

A new tournament is starting, this one to determine who will be the inaugural Models Division champion. The tournament starts off with Brooke Fairchild taking on Blueyed Cass, whose real name is Cassandra Jade Czubara Caufield, but has asked to go by Cass for this tournament. Brooke enters first, wearing a red sports bra and … Continue reading Brooke Fairchild vs. Blueyed Cass