Upcoming Posts

I haven't really been posting as much as usual. But I hope you all are enjoying the RingDivas fantasy stories I've been posting. Especially the latest SoCal Val vs. Brooke Fairchild. Now, upcoming, another match in the KOA tournament, that be Elle Dumon vs. Heather Holms, another sexual catfight between Alexa Lockhart vs. SoCal Val, … Continue reading Upcoming Posts

Brooke Fairchild vs. SoCal Val

Brooke Fairchild vs. SoCal Val (Loser Becomes Winners Lover,) Brooke prepares for her first title defense, against the returning SoCal Val. Since Val returned, she’s done nothing but talk trash on Brooke, Brooke, fed up with Val, added the stipulation of kissing the winner’s feet, Val said it be more humiliating to become subservient to … Continue reading Brooke Fairchild vs. SoCal Val

Cali Danger vs. Faith Dumon

Cali “GI” Danger vs. Faith Dumon 1st Round KOA Tournament Match. The tournament continues, this time, Cali Danger, fresh off a suspension, faces off with the recently rehired Faith Dumon. Before the participants enter, former KOA Champion Destiny Dumon joins the announcers at ringside. “Destiny, welcome, glad to have the former champion joining us.” Chuck … Continue reading Cali Danger vs. Faith Dumon