Faye Reagan vs. Kendra James

Now, in other action, Faye Reagan takes on Kendra James. Faye Reagan enters first, wearing a yellow satin floral print bra and panty set. Kendra enters next, wearing a blue satin bra and panty set. The bell rings and both women lock up, Faye quickly gets a side headlock on Kendra. Kendra pushes her off, … Continue reading Faye Reagan vs. Kendra James

Katherine Jenkins vs. Katie Cleary

The action continues with 2 more new girls in action, as Katherine Jenkins takes on Katie Cleary Katherine Jenkins enters first, wearing a white satin, floral print bra and panty set. Katie Cleary enters next, wearing a blue satin bra and panty set. The bell rings, and both women lock up, Katie delivers a stiff … Continue reading Katherine Jenkins vs. Katie Cleary

Jenelle Moreno vs. Kate Upton

Ok. Now to introduce two more new competitors, Jenelle Moreno will take on Kate Upton. Jenelle enters first, wearing a silver satin bikini. She comes out to a nice ovation Kate enters next wearing a rainbow colored bikini. As soon as she enters the ring her and Jenelle start jawing back and forth. The bell … Continue reading Jenelle Moreno vs. Kate Upton

Karen Schiavi vs. Cali Danger

As a crop of new girls make there debut here, we also welcome social worker Karen Schiavi to in-ring competition. Tonight Karen makes her debut against current world champion Cali Danger. Karen Schiavi enters first wearing a black sports bra and red panties. Cali enters next, wearing an orange bra and blue panties. The bell … Continue reading Karen Schiavi vs. Cali Danger