My Thoughts On WWE Raw

Tonight’s episode of Raw was actually really good, from the beginning till the time I turned it off during the Shameus & Gallows match, I love how the WWE is trying to manufacture feuds in the WWE, having Enzo & Cass feud with Rusev (WTF?) & Mahal…I mean, seriously, dafuq is up with Rusev? Bulgarian? Russian? The fucker isn’t a believable character…should’ve never left NXT…

Was I the only one waiting for AJ Styles to somehow appear on Raw when HBK was out there?

And, honestly, does anyone not believe that Chris Jericho will not find someway to interfere in the Owens/Reigns match the the Rumble?

And I also firmly believe that ‘Taker will appear on Raw, and that somehow Strowman & Lesnar will find a way to disrupt the affair.