Madden NFL ’17/Club Pogo Games 1/24/17

In Madden, I'm back to my first season as the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, and I have the team in shambles, I love to get players who aren't very good, and make the team in my own image, and I just love this game, my starting QB is Kellen Moore, with Danny Woodhead as … Continue reading Madden NFL ’17/Club Pogo Games 1/24/17

Video Games: Madden NFL ’17 12/19/16

These past couple of days have been great for playing Madden, I'm in my 2nd season with the Tennessee Titans, and 3rd season with the Dallas Cowboys.  All three season with Dallas I've set the single season record for touchdowns in one season, Keenan Reynolds holds the record at 34 TD's in a season, and … Continue reading Video Games: Madden NFL ’17 12/19/16

Games I’ve Been Playing…

In the amount of time I've been spending alone, i've been playing a lot of video games, namely games on Club Pogo, and on my Xbox 360. Today since I culdn't sleep last night. I played NCAA Football '14, I've decided t play as one team from every conference. And I played Madden '17, and … Continue reading Games I’ve Been Playing…

Video Game Update:

I haven't been making many video game posts lately, and that is because the powerbrick for my 360 went bad on me, so, I'm hoping to order one again soon, and I want to download Madden NFL '17, and I'll be able to play NCAA Football '14, Madden NFL 25, Animal Crossing, & Madden NFL … Continue reading Video Game Update:

Games I’m Currently Downloading

Since I currently don't possess the money to purchase a subscription to Club Pogo, or afford to purchase gems to buy anything on that site, I decided to download a bunch of games from the Microsoft Store, and also I downloaded World Of Warcraft, Age of Conan, and Star Wars. I love my video games, and … Continue reading Games I’m Currently Downloading