Designated Survivor

I'm watching bthe new series, Designated Survivor, starring Kiefer Sutherland, who portrays a low level cabinet member who on the night of the State Of The Union address, is chosen not to attend under the designated survivor rule, which ensures the American government keeps up and running in the event of an catistrophlc event i.e. … Continue reading Designated Survivor

Survivor/Designated Survivor

Tonight is my mother's favorite night of the week, as her favorite show Survivor has it's season premiere tonight, which because it's the premiere is going to be 90-minutes long, and this season of Survivor is Gen X'ers vs. Milennials, which basically means, people my age (I'm in my 40's) will go against people who … Continue reading Survivor/Designated Survivor

Dancing With The Stars

Tonight, I'm hoping to watch the entire episode of DWTS, I did't last week, and I missed seeing Ryan Lochte almost get his ass whooped. But, all the shows have their season premieres this week, including one that sounds good called Designated Survivor Starring Kiefer Sutherland, who, I thought it would be funny if he … Continue reading Dancing With The Stars