Madden NFL ’17/Club Pogo Games 1/24/17

In Madden, I'm back to my first season as the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, and I have the team in shambles, I love to get players who aren't very good, and make the team in my own image, and I just love this game, my starting QB is Kellen Moore, with Danny Woodhead as … Continue reading Madden NFL ’17/Club Pogo Games 1/24/17

Games I’ve Been Playing…

In the amount of time I've been spending alone, i've been playing a lot of video games, namely games on Club Pogo, and on my Xbox 360. Today since I culdn't sleep last night. I played NCAA Football '14, I've decided t play as one team from every conference. And I played Madden '17, and … Continue reading Games I’ve Been Playing…

Should Be Back To Gaming By Next Week.

Next week, I should get my money from social security, and when that happens, I'm going to renew my subscription to Hulu, as well as buy a new power brick for my 360, then once that arrives, I'll see about purchasing Madden '17, but, I'm still going to play Madden 25, and I think as … Continue reading Should Be Back To Gaming By Next Week.

Video Game Update:

I haven't been making many video game posts lately, and that is because the powerbrick for my 360 went bad on me, so, I'm hoping to order one again soon, and I want to download Madden NFL '17, and I'll be able to play NCAA Football '14, Madden NFL 25, Animal Crossing, & Madden NFL … Continue reading Video Game Update: