Should Be Back To Gaming By Next Week.

Next week, I should get my money from social security, and when that happens, I'm going to renew my subscription to Hulu, as well as buy a new power brick for my 360, then once that arrives, I'll see about purchasing Madden '17, but, I'm still going to play Madden 25, and I think as … Continue reading Should Be Back To Gaming By Next Week.

Video Game Update:

I haven't been making many video game posts lately, and that is because the powerbrick for my 360 went bad on me, so, I'm hoping to order one again soon, and I want to download Madden NFL '17, and I'll be able to play NCAA Football '14, Madden NFL 25, Animal Crossing, & Madden NFL … Continue reading Video Game Update:

Games I May Download…

Considering I can't afford a subscription to Club Pogo, and my 360 is currently out of comission until further notice. I may download games for my laptop from the Windows 10 Store, and as usual, I'll post my updts here, and as soon as I get a new power source for my 360, I'll go back … Continue reading Games I May Download…

NCAA Football ’14 6/1/16

I really haven't been playing much, I've been really focusing on writing the past couple of nights, and I might do that again tonight. And I had a goood game going with Boise State, then the power went out the other morning, and totally fucked up my game. There is just something so fun about playing … Continue reading NCAA Football ’14 6/1/16