WWE Payback

I was looking  over the entire card for WWE Payback this weekend, and almost every match on the card makes sense, all except the WWE Championship match between Wyatt & Orton, I have to wonder why is the Smackdown Live championship being defended on a Raw exclusive PPV? I have no problem with the United … Continue reading WWE Payback

My Thoughts On WWE Monday Night Raw

Last night was a rare occasion for me to watch WWE Monday Night Raw, and I have to say, the 3 men they're building the Raw brand around, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, & Kevin Owens. Seth Rollins, I have a feeling, will get his hands on Triple H, more than likely in February, especially after … Continue reading My Thoughts On WWE Monday Night Raw

WWE Hell In A Cell

Last night was WWE Hell in A Cell, and from what I read, it was pretty interesting. Although I don't understand the outcome of the WWE Universal Championship Match between Kevin Owens & Seth Rollins, in which Owens retained the Universal Title, also Roman Reigns retained the US Championship, the WWE Cruiserweight Chhampionship changed hands, … Continue reading WWE Hell In A Cell

Another Busy Sports Day

I meant to post this earlier, tday is going to be an even busier sports day than yesterday. Right now, it's Redskins/Bengals, next it's NFL RedZone, after that, Cowboys/Eagles, Cubs/Indians World Series Game 5, and WWE Hell in A Cell, I will keep everyone as updated as I can on everything. Please keep in mind, … Continue reading Another Busy Sports Day

My Thoughts On WWE Raw/Looking Forward To Hell In A Cell This Sunday.

I watched WWE Raw last night, and I'm starting to wonder about who does the writing and booking for the WWE Raw brand? Let's start with Enzo Amore & Big Cass...um...WTF?...I mean, seriously? What is with that whole schtick they go through before their matches? Oh...and my blogging skills...YOU CAN'T TEACH THAT! After that match, … Continue reading My Thoughts On WWE Raw/Looking Forward To Hell In A Cell This Sunday.