Last night's episode of Raw was mildly intriguing. Seth Rollins said he wanted Brock Lesnar and the Universal Championship next, but then Finn Balor came out to stake his claim to the Universal title, a title Balor technically never lost, then Intercontinental champion Dean Ambrose came out, and was saying Brock Lesnar doesn't wrestle that often … Continue reading WWE Raw

WWE Payback

I was looking  over the entire card for WWE Payback this weekend, and almost every match on the card makes sense, all except the WWE Championship match between Wyatt & Orton, I have to wonder why is the Smackdown Live championship being defended on a Raw exclusive PPV? I have no problem with the United … Continue reading WWE Payback

My Thoughts On WWE Monday Night Raw

Last night was a rare occasion for me to watch WWE Monday Night Raw, and I have to say, the 3 men they're building the Raw brand around, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, & Kevin Owens. Seth Rollins, I have a feeling, will get his hands on Triple H, more than likely in February, especially after … Continue reading My Thoughts On WWE Monday Night Raw

WWE Hell In A Cell

Last night was WWE Hell in A Cell, and from what I read, it was pretty interesting. Although I don't understand the outcome of the WWE Universal Championship Match between Kevin Owens & Seth Rollins, in which Owens retained the Universal Title, also Roman Reigns retained the US Championship, the WWE Cruiserweight Chhampionship changed hands, … Continue reading WWE Hell In A Cell