Things I’ve been writing about.

I've been really focusing on writing sexually explicit stories that I'll post on Literotica, and as well as my fictional women's fighting stories which will be featured on Women's Extreme Championship (WEC), I'm trying to branch out into other stories as well. And now the WECis bringing in a Lesbian Catfight Division which will feature … Continue reading Things I’ve been writing about.

WEC Cards, and all the usual writing I’ll be doing.

I still have to write the co-main and the main event for the first Women's Extreme Championshipcard, and I'm already thinking about the next card, which not only will it feature Paris Kennedyvs. Ariel "Tits" Winter with special referee Cali Loganas the special referee, but also the KTFO World Champion "The Dynamite Kid" Hazel will … Continue reading WEC Cards, and all the usual writing I’ll be doing.

Grey’s Anatomy and Notorious

Tonight were the premiere episodes of both Grey's Anatomy and the series premiere of Notorious, and right now is the premiere of How To Get Away With Murder, Scandal sadly won't return for it's 6th and final season until sometime in January.. I used to love when all the premieres would come on, now a … Continue reading Grey’s Anatomy and Notorious

9/21/16 Part 2

After meeting with my therapist today, I so started feeling shitty again, now, I'm back writing, I love writing, and updating the layout of my website. I laugh, I'm thinking about posting more stories on Literotica, even making better versios oof the originals I posted, which I caught so much flack over, my favorite was still … Continue reading 9/21/16 Part 2