Madden NFL ’17 2\1\17

I keep loving and loving this game, now that my laptop, for the time being is out of commission, no playibg on Pogo for a while, it's just me and Madded NFL, and I"m ok with that. I'm still in my first season with the Dallas Cowboys, soo to be London Monarchs, I love the … Continue reading Madden NFL ’17 2\1\17

Madden NFL ’17/Club Pogo Games 1/24/17

In Madden, I'm back to my first season as the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, and I have the team in shambles, I love to get players who aren't very good, and make the team in my own image, and I just love this game, my starting QB is Kellen Moore, with Danny Woodhead as … Continue reading Madden NFL ’17/Club Pogo Games 1/24/17

Video Game News: Madden NFL ’17 12/28/16

I've really been playing a lot of this game lately, I'm now not only the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys & Tennessee Titans but now I'm the owner of the Detroit Lions, and I have to laugh, the Lions have Derek Carr & Matthew Stafford on the roster, but I played last night, and … Continue reading Video Game News: Madden NFL ’17 12/28/16

Video Games: Madden NFL ’17 12/12/16

Today I took control of a second team, the Tennessee Titans, who I didn't make the playoffs with, but, I'm again molding a team in my image. I'm going to try to trade Marcus Mariota, Demarco Murray, Derrick Henry & Delanie Walker, & I converted Denard Robinson & Dexter McCluster from RB's to WR's, and … Continue reading Video Games: Madden NFL ’17 12/12/16

Madden NFL ’17/Club Pogo Games/ Games I’m Downloading

I'm a huge sports game nut, and while there still are two to possibly 3 games I'd like to downloade, the list is getting shorter. I'm trying out Madden '17 today, after downloading some games yesterday, and today I bought, FIFA '17, EA Sports FIFA Street 3, and NBA 2K17, I still want to get … Continue reading Madden NFL ’17/Club Pogo Games/ Games I’m Downloading