Tales Of Forced Sex Vol. 03 Ch. 02

Caroline sits in her home, still crying from being raped earlier by her next door neighbor, Steve.

Both of her eyes are black & swollen, one from being hit, the other from having cum shot right in her eye.

She can still hear Steve’s last words to her: “I’ll be back tonight, whore!”

She makes sure all her doors are locked, and, heads upstairs to take a shower, and, hopefully wash away how dirty she feels right now.

She stands in the shower for at least an hour, trying to wash away the hurt, and, the pain, but, she just can’t seem to wash it away.

Caroline gets out of the shower, and, decides to go to bed, hoping that a good night’s sleep will take the pain away.

She no sooner lays in bed, when a noise in her bedroom startles her, she turns on her light, and, screams when she notices her next door neighbor Steve standing there.

“Get the fuck out of here before I call the police, you bastard!” She says.

“You’re not going to call the police, Caroline!” Steve says, moving one step closer to Caroline.

“Oh, I’m not? Watch me!” She says, reaching for her phone.

Steve walks over, snatches the phone out of her hand, and, slaps her with the back of his hand.

“OW! You fucking bastard! What is wrong with you?” Caroline says, crying again.

“Who are you calling a ‘bastard’, you cunt!” He says, hitting her again.

“STOP HITTING ME!!” She cries out. “I’ll do whatever you want, just stop hitting me!”

“You’re right, you will do whatever I want you to do.” He says, opening his pants, and, letting his cock pop free.

“No! Not that! Not again! NO!” She screams, as he gets on top of her, and, hits her again.

“I’m gonna rape you like the filthy whore you are, Caroline!”

“Do whatever you want to me, just promise to stop hitting me.”

“I can’t make you that promise, whore!” He says, balling up his fists, and, punching both of her breasts.


He again uses the back of his hand, and, slaps her across the face.

“Stop telling me to ‘Stop hitting you’, and, things will go a lot easier, whore.”

“Ok, ok, I’ll stop doing that! I’ll do whateer you want me to do!” Caroline cries out.

“That’s what I want to hear. Open your mouth, whore!”

Caroline willingly opens her mouth, allowing Steve to slide his rock hard cock into her warm, wet mouth.

He begins fucking her mouth, fast, and, hard, bouncing her balls off of her chin.

Before too long, Steve is close to cumming.

“You’re gonna make me cum whore!” He says, pulling his cock out of her mouth, and, holds his cock against her face.

“No! Don’t cum on my face!” She says, just as the first pulse of cum splashes against her face, some even gets into her eyes.

“I’ll cum on you, anywhere I want to cum on you, whore. Am I being clear, whore?”

“Yes…….Master, you’re being clear.” Caroline says, through her tears.

“Good whore! I like being called ‘Master’, you filthy whore. Now, turn onto your stomach.” Steve orders.

Caroline has no choice but to comply with his order, and, she rolls over onto her stomach, her ass high in the air.

“I’m going to take your asshole again, whore!” Steve says, giving her ass a hard slap, leaving his hand print on her ass.

“No! Not my asshole! Not again!” Caroline yells, as she feels Steve press the head of his cock against the rim of her already sore asshole.

“NOOOO!” She yells out as he pushes the head of his cock into her asshole, making it bleed again.

“You’re bleeding again, whore!”

“You fucking bastard!” She yells out.

Steve then slams his cock the rest of the way into her asshole, really ripping her open.

“You filthy whore! You’re a dirty, filthy whore, Caroline, say it, say it, whore!” Steve yells, as he begins to fuck her asshole, fast, and, hard.

“Fine! I’m a whore, I’m a dirty, filthy, worthless, piece of shit fucking whore!” She yells, just as Steve cums in her tight asshole.

Steve slowly pulls out of her asshole, making the pain last as long as possible.

“What are you going to do now?” Caroline says through her tears.

Steve takes his cock, and, wipes it off in her hair.

“I’ll be back in the morning, whore!” Steve says, turning around to leave.

Caroline just curls into a ball, and, cries herself to sleep.

To be continued….