Tales Of Forced Sex Vol. 04 Ch. 02

Aimee sits on her bed the next morning, not exactly sure what happened to her the night before.

“What happened to me?” Aimee thinks to herself.

She remembers being at the bar, she remembers meeting someone at the bar, but, everything is fuzzy after that, the one thing she knows for sure is, she woke up with cum in her mouth, her dress torn, and, her asshole bloody, and, sore.

She gets out of bed, and, throws away the torn remnants of her dress, and, decides to take a shower.

Aimee stands in the shower, and, just lets the water wash over her, doing anythingb to wash that dirty feeling away.

After about an hour, she steps out of the shower, and, heads to her bedroom to get dressed.

She’s no sooner in her bedroom, when she feels a hand go over her mouth.

“If I take my hand away, are you going to scream?” She hears a familiar male voice say.

Aimee shakes her head ‘no’, and, the man takes his hand away, Aimee turns around, and, notices that is’s Steve,the man she met in the bar the night before.

“What do you want, Steve?” Aimee asks, trembling.

“What do you think I want?” He says, pulling Aimee’s towel away, exposing her wet, naked body.

“Please, don’t hurt me!” Aimee cries out.

Steve reaches out, and, grabs a handful of Aimee’s blonde hair, and, yanks her head back.

“If I want to hurt you, Aimee, I will!” He says, taking her, and, throwing her down to the bed.

Steve gets on top of Aimee, and, forces Aimee to kiss him, Aimee squirms, and, struggles, trying to break the forced kiss.

Steve breaks the kiss long enough to unzip his pants, and, showing off his hard 8-inch cock.

“Please, please don’t rape me!” Aimee pleads with him.

Steve reaches down, and, twists Aimee’s nipples, making her scream out in pain.

“OW! Quit it! Quit it! Quit it!” Aimee cries out, trying to cover her breasts.

“Don’t you dare try to cover up, bitch!” Steve says, pulling Aimee’s hands away.

Steve takes Aimee’s hands, and, holds them over her head, as he begins to grind his body against hers, letting her feel how hard he is.

“No! No! No!” Aimee starts to cry out.

Steve places the head of his cock right at her opening, and, can feel that she’s wet.

“You little slut! You’re getting turned on, aren’t you?”

Aimee says nothing, and, just lays there, and, cries as Steve forces his cock into her tight, wet pussy.

“OOOWWWW!” Aimee screams out.

Steve begins fucking her, fast, and, hard, bouncing his balls off of her ass, and, bouncing her head off of the head board.

“Yeah, you’re so fucking tight, whore!” Steve moans out.

“I’m not a whore!” Aimee says, through her tears.

“You are a whore!” Steve says, again slapping Aimee across the face, bruising Aimee’s cheek.

“Yes, daddy, I’m your whore!” Aimee cries out.

Steve leans down to kiss Aimee, this time she willingly kisses him back.

“This shit is turning you on, isn’t it?” Steve says.

“Yes, daddy, it’s turning me on!” Aimee says, wrapping her legs around Steve.

Steve starts fucking Aimee harder, and, faster, bringing both of them closer to orgasm.

“I’m gonna cum, daddy! I’m gonna CUM!” Aimee yells, as her body tenses up, and, she has a loud, intense orgasm, causing her to squirt, and, cream.

Steve pulls out, and, grabs a handful of Aimee’s hair, pulling her closer.

“What are you going to do to me now?” She asks, as Steve starts wiping the head of his cock over her mouth.

“Open your mouth, whore!” Steve orders.

Aimee willingly opens her mouth, letting Steve slide his cock into her warm, wet mouth, he grabs the back of her head, and, starts fucking her mouth, bouncing his ball off of her chin, and, making her eyes well up with tears.

“You’re gonna make me cum, you dirty whore!” Steve says, as he feels the rush of precum ooze from the head of his cock.

Before long, his cock jerks, and the first pulse of cum splashes against the back of Aimee’s throat.

Aimee struggles to swallow Steve’s huge load.

After a minute, Steve lets go of Aimee’s head, and, she collapses on the bed, struggling to catch her breath.

Steve starts getting dressed, and, is prepared to leave, when Aimee stops him.

“Steve, let me ask you, last night is so fuzzy to me, I just need to know, did you rape me last night as well?”

“I put something into your drink.” He says, smiling.

“You bastard!” Aimee yells.

“Your asshole was so tight, I had to fuck it!”

“YOU BASTARD!” She yells.

“I’ll be back later, whore!” Steve says, turning to leave.

Aimee just slumps down in her bed, and, cries.

To be continued…