The Wonder Woman Chronicles Ch. 01

Diana sits in her apartment, after returning from another victory.

She undresses and goes to take a shower.

After her shower, she wraps herself in a bathrobe, and is about to lay down in her bed, when she figures she’ll check the police scanner one more time.

“…repeat, we have a hostage situation at the national bank, it’s The Cheetah, all units, please respond…”

“So much for sleep, time once again for Wonder Woman!” Diana thinks to herself.

She spins around, and she’s once again Wonder Woman.

She runs as quickly as she can to the bank to try to assist the police.

She walks right through the police barricade, and approaches the detective in charge.

“I’ll deal with Cheetah myself, tell your men to stand down!” Wonder Woman says.

“You heard her, stand down!” He yells.

Wonder Woman walks directly in the bank.

“Back up, everybody back up!” She can hear Cheetah yell.

Wonder Woman just stands there, and stares at Cheetah.

“Well, if it isn’t Wonder Woman, my old nemesis, come to stop me, have you?”

“Let these people go, Cheetah, this is between me and you, don’t involve innocent people.” Wonder Woman says, trying to plead with Cheetah.

Cheetah grabs a young blonde haired woman, and holds her claws to her throat.

Wonder Woman backs up a little.

“Let her go, Barbara, I’m sure you don’t want to hurt anyone, let her go, and let’s finish this, just me and you!”

Cheetah lets go of the woman, and lunges at Wonder Woman, but she’s too quick for her and she deflects the blow.

Cheetah then grabs another hostage, this time a tall slender brunette.

“Give me the lasso, and nobody gets hurt!” She hisses out.

Before Cheetah has time to react, using her super human agility, Wonder Woman lunges and tackles Cheetah, knocking her to the ground.

They start wrestling on the floor, but, Cheetah frees herself by scratching Wonder Woman.

“Diana, you fool! Do you really think you can keep that lasso away from me for ever!” Cheetah says, again slashing at Wonder Woman.

Cheetah again lunges at Wonder Woman, but this time she counters, delivering a vicious uppercut that floors Cheetah.

Cheetah lays on the floor, momentarily dazed.

“RUN, ALL OF YOU, RUN!” Wonder Woman yells at the hostages.

They all run outside the bank, and toward the police officers.

Cheetah regains her senses, and tackles Wonder Woman, and they once again start wrestling on the floor.

Wonder Woman uses her superior strength to get on top of Cheetah, and starts pummeling her.

Once she renders Cheetah unconscious, she gets off of her, and uses her lasso to tie her up.

As Wonder Woman leads her outside, Cheetah starts coming to.

“I didn’t want to hurt anyone, it was all a trap to get the lasso. Why couldn’t you just give me the lasso, Diana?” She mutters out, as Wonder Woman hands her over to the authorities.

As she unties Cheetah, she turns back into her human form, and the police handcuff her.

“You will never posses the lasso, Barbara!” Wonder Woman whispers in her ear.

The police all thank Wonder Woman for her help, and she quickly heads back home.

Once she’s back home, she takes another shower, and is finally ready for bed.

She tries to lay down in bed, when suddenly she hears somebody at her window.

To be continued…