The Wonder Woman Chronicles Ch. 02

Diana is startled by a noise at her window.

She spins around and quickly she’s Wonder Woman again.

She goes out into her living room to see the cause of the noise, and she notices another one of her arch enemies, Circe, floating outside the window.

Fear and doubt start creeping into Wonder Woman’s mind.

Circe breaks the glass on her window, and uses her magic to pin Wonder Woman against the wall.

“Well, well, well, Princess Diana of Themyscira, not so tough now are you?” She says, getting right in Wonder Woman’s face.

Wonder Woman struggles to break free, and finally does, and she uses her agility to tackle Circe, and they go crashing through the wall.

Wonder Woman uses her superior strength to got on top of Circe, but she uses her magic to again power Wonder Woman off of her.

Wonder Woman quickly gets to her feet, and grabs her lasso, and tries to use it to tie up Circe, but it doesn’t work, she takes off and flies away, dragging Wonder Woman with her.

Wonder Woman hung on to the lasso for dear life, even though she had no fear of dying, she didn’t feel like dying today, and risk the lasso going into the hand of someone like Circe, or worse Cheetah.

They fly for a few more minutes, when finally they land at an abandoned warehouse.

Wonder Woman again struggles to tie Circe up, but Circe easily frees herself from the lasso.

“You should know, your puny lasso has no effect on me, Diana!” She says, smiling.

Wonder Woman tries tackling her, but, she’s too quick.

And then the door to the warehouse opens, and before her stand Cheetah, and Poison Ivy, along with Circe.

“How am I going to get out of this?” She thinks to herself.

“What do you three want with me?” Wonder Woman says, fear going through her body.

“You know what I want, Diana, I want the lasso!” Cheetah says.

“I want the power that your tiara holds!” Circe says.

“And me, I just want you dead!” Poison Ivy says.

“You three will never succeed!” Wonder Woman shouts.

At that moment, Cheetah charges at her, tackling her to the ground, and scratches her with her claws, ripping her outfit.

“I will possess the lasso!” She growls at Wonder Woman, but Wonder Woman quickly powers her off using her super human strength.

“I just had you arrested, Barbara, how did you get out so quickly?”

“Do you think that puny jail is enough to hold me?” Cheetah says, laughing!

While she’s distracted, Circe makes a move for Wonder Woman’s tiara, but Wonder Woman avoids her with her agility.

Poison Ivy shoots some poison darts at her, but she again dodges them.

But, before she has time to react, Circe comes and tackles her, knocking her into a stack of broken pallets.

“You’re out numbered, Princess, surrender now, and I promise you, I’ll show you mercy!”

“I’LL NEVER SURRENDER!” Wonder Woman screams, charging at her enemies.

I lands a hard punch on Cheetah, she kicks Poison Ivy, knocking them both down, but Circe floats out of the way.

Wonder Woman the focuses her attention on Cheetah, and quickly gets on top of her, pummeling her with blow after blow, finally knocking her out, and returning her to her human form.

But Poison Ivy is quickly back to her feet, and Wonder Woman now turns her attention to her.

She starts shooting poison darts at her, but she deflects them with her bracelets.

Poison Ivy starts backing up. Circe swoops down and pick her up and flies away.

“You win for now Princess, but mark my words, your tiara and lasso will be ours!” Circe says, flying away.

Wonder Woman drops to her knees, the scratches from Cheetah are taking their toll, and she didn’t realize it at first, but one of the poison darts hit her.

She musters up the last of her strength, and runs, quickly to the closest hospital.

On the way there she changes from Wonder Woman back to Diana.

She walks into the hospital and collapses immediately.

Diana wakes up a few hours later in a hospital room, and she knows for now at least, she can rest, but she also knows her enemies will never stop until they get what they want.

To be continued…