The Wonder Woman Chronicles Ch. 03

Diana sits on her bed, a few days after being discharged from the hospital.

She’s been very weak since her poisoning at the hands of Poison Ivy, but, she’s beginning to get her strength back.

“I must find Poison Ivy, and settle the score!” She thinks to herself.

She decides to check the police scanner to see if there is any word about Poison Ivy.

“…calling Wonder Woman, Poison Ivy is destroying downtown Metropolis, and she says she wants you to surrender or the city will burn. Please Wonder Woman, come down here…”

Diana turns off the scanner, and starts thinking to herself. “I can’t give in to her demands. I must fight her!”

She stands up and spins around, and quickly she’s Wonder Woman again.

She uses her super human speed, and quickly reaches downtown .

She arrives, and there is devastation all around her, and people dead all over the street, dead from poison darts.

“POISON IVY! LET’S FINISH THIS!” Wonder Woman yells.

Poison comes out, and looks at Wonder Woman.

“Well, I didn’t think you’d show, Diana, you’re not the coward I thought you were!” She says, throwing two poison darts at Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman quickly dodges the poison darts, and she uses her agility to take Poison Ivy down.

Wonder Woman begins pummeling Poison Ivy, when suddenly, she feels claws scratch her across the back.

She turns around to see the Cheetah standing behind her.

“Diana! You fool! Give me the lasso, and your tiara, and I’ll let you leave unharmed!” Cheetah hisses out.

Wonder Woman looks behind her and notices Poison Ivy is unconscious, now she can focus all of her attention on Cheetah.

“Barbara, you’re not worthy of the power of my lasso!” She says, charging at her.

Cheetah uses her tail and trips Wonder Woman.

“Oof!” She says as she goes sliding across the ground.

Then Cheetah uses her tail to trap Wonder Woman, using her tail like a vice, squeezing her.

“Must…free…myself!” Wonder Woman thinks to herself, as she uses her super human strength to free herself.

Just as Wonder Woman frees herself, Cheetah lashes out with her claws again, scratching her again, but she quickly heals.

Wonder Woman uses her agility and takes Cheetah down,and begins pummeling her, but Cheetah quickly powers her off.

Now Poison Ivy is up, and joins Cheetah.

“Give up, Diana! You’re out numbered!” Cheetah says.

Cheetah again uses her tail to trap Wonder Woman, and squeezes her hard. Meanwhile, Poison Ivy walks towards Wonder Woman.

She blows some poison dust into Wonder Woman’s face. Wonder Woman quickly passes out.

She comes to a few minutes later, and her lasso and tiara are gone. And she hears an all to familiar laugh.

She looks up and sees Veronica Cale standing there, holding her lasso and tiara.

Wonder Woman stands up and tackles her to the ground, causing her to drop both items.

She uses her superior strength to over power Veronica, Wonder Woman grabs the lasso and ties her up.

“Where are Poison Ivy and Cheetah?” She asks.

“They’re gone! They’ve gone to attack Themyscira, your island is going to be destroyed, Diana!” Veronica says, smiling.

Wonder Woman hands her over to the police, and she quickly flies away, she knows she must reach Themyscira before they destroy the island.

She hopes she’s not too late.

To be continued…