The Wonder Woman Chronicles Ch. 04

Wonder Woman flew as quickly as she could to Themyscira, and found the war had already begun, between her fellow Amazons and Cheetah, and Circe, but Poison Ivy in nowhere to be found.

Wonder Woman quickly searches and tries to find her mother Queen Hippolyta.

“DIANA! DIANA, HELP!” She hears her mother cry out.

Wonder Woman runs toward the sound of the screaming, and sees Cheetah, with her claws at Hippolyta’s throat.

“Barbara, let my mother go, this is between you and I, don’t involve my mother!” Wonder Woman says, trying to plead with Cheetah.

“Diana, you fool! You know the only thing that save your mother is if you surrender your lasso and tiara.” Cheetah snarls at her.

“You will never understand the power of my lasso, or my tiara, Barbara!” Wonder Woman shouts, charging at Cheetah, tackling her, and freeing her mother.

“MOM!RUN!” She yells at Hippolyta.

Cheetah and Wonder Woman roll around on the ground for a few seconds. Wonder Woman uses her superior strength to get on top of Cheetah, and begin pummeling her.

“You made a mistake coming here, Barbara!” Wonder Woman says, raining blow after blow on Cheetah’s face.

As she’s doing that, she completely forgot about Circe, and she swoops in and picks Wonder Woman up off of Cheetah.

Wonder Woman and Circe start battling in the air, Wonder Woman lands a vicious uppercut, sending them both crashing back down to the ground.

“If you have a problem with me, that’s fine, but, leave Themyscira alone, Circe!” She says, defiantly.

“You and your fellow Amazons will perish if you don’t surrender your lasso and your tiara, Diana!” Circe demanded.

“NEVER!” Diana yells, charging at Circe.

Circe quickly floats away.

Wonder Woman tries to fly after her, but she’s caught by Cheetah’s tail, and quickly thrown back down to the ground.

“You’re not going anywhere, Diana!” Cheetah growls at her.

Wonder Woman uses her super human strength to break free of Cheetah’s grip, but Cheetah is relentless, scratching Wonder Woman once she’s free.

Wonder Woman charges at Cheetah, but just as she does that, Circe swoops down, and tackles Wonder Woman.

“Give me the tiara, Diana!” She commands, trying to put her in a trance.

Wonder Woman uses her lasso to trap Circe, and bring her down to the ground. As she does that, Cheetah gets up and uses her claws to scratch Wonder Woman across the back.

Wonder Woman uses her tiara to trap Cheetah around the throat, but while doing that, Circe breaks free and flies away.

“We’ll meet again, Diana!” She says, cackling.

Wonder Woman gathers her lasso, and uses it to bind Cheetah, changing her back to her human form.

“Someday, Diana, I’ll posses the lasso of truth!” Cheetah says, as Wonder Woman hands her over to her fellow Amazons.

Wonder Woman surveys the damage, and is assured by her mother, Queen Hippolyta, that they can fix Themyscira.

Wonder Woman flies away, knowing she’ll have to deal with Circe and Cheetah again another day.

To be continued…